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Harvest Festival Sunday 4th October. Church Service at 3.45pm
Friends of Christ Church King Sterndale
Your church serving you in your community
Christ Church King Sterndale was founded 160 years ago to serve the villages of King Sterndale, Cowdale and Staden in the Parish of Buxton, Derbyshire, England. Today our church welcomes many visitors from Buxton and surrounding areas who like to worship in this beautiful historic country church.
The Church and the Parish hall are the only public buildings in the area and are yours to use whether you use them regularly or only occasionally. In the light of our present day problems we have a choice of either handing the church over to the Historic Churches Trust (which means that the Church will only be used once a year) or rallying together to preserve these valuable and historic buildings and so we are in great need of you and your support.You do not need to be a churchgoer to become a friend of Christ Church King Sterndale and the Parish Hall, nor do you need to have any particular connection with the church. Friends are fellow travellers and well-wishers, who are glad to offer support to the church and the hall and be kept in touch with its activities.
The Aim of the Friends
The Friends exist to support the work of the Church and the Parish Hall at King Sterndale. To preserve and enhance these historic buildings once the family chapel of the Pickford family and to raise the awareness of the Church and the Parish Hall in the wider community.
What will Friends do?
By joining you will be kept in touch with the Church and the Parish Hall by regular newsletters, take part in a programme of social events and help us in our work to restore the church and the hall and keep it open for future generations. We ask friends for their goodwill, prayers, and practical support.
We invite you to look around our website and discover the historic links between King Sterndale and the Pickford Road Haulage Family and its famous son William Pickford, Baron Lord Sterndale, Master of the Rolls. The local author Joyce Critchlow whose work on the Religious symbolism of flowers led to her books being translated and published around the world. Joyce's final work about King Sterndale can be purchased from the web site outlining the dramatic features and walks through our local villages.
If you would like to join the Friends of Christ Church King Sterndale
or would like to make a donation, please write to:
Christ Church, King Sterndale, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9SF, United Kingdom.
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The Parish of Buxton, Derbyshire